Breathing is an important vital sign. With studies, research, papers, videos, and social media buzz, especially in the post-pandemic world, breath has generated awareness, curiosity, practices, techniques, and methods for our overall health and well-being.

James Nestor, author and award-winning science journalist, talks about various breathing techniques to improve your breathing and understand where and how you are going wrong with your breathing. We all know by now that breathing is essential to our health and well-being, something we repeat 25,000 times daily. However, human beings do not seem to be able to breathe correctly, leading to serious health consequences. In this video, James Nestor breaks down five ways to transform breathing, from increasing your lung capacity to stopping breathing through your mouth, with hidden science behind ancient breathing practices to concur problems and solutions. Studies and research show that slight adjustments in our breathing movement can do miracles.

James Nestor on How to Improve Your Breathing

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