We live in a world of chaos, and mostly nothing goes as per our plans in regular life. To retain calmness and balance, we do many things like listen to music, cook, swim, play a sport, do yoga, take a walk, jog, and practice guided meditation and breathing exercises. Walking, stretching, and conditioning effectively combat stress and anxiety, and studies show that being involved in some form of physical activity throughout the day makes one happier.

But what do you do when you are anxious, panicked, and scared and do not know how to cope with them regularly occurring? The natural instinct is to avoid such triggers preventing the kind of situation that provokes it, but can it always be done? Life throws curve balls all the time, so how does one handle such situations? The answer is practicing breathing exercises to retain your calmness, balance, and sanity. In this video by Bupa Health UK, Nadina Moutou, Health Adviser at Bupa, introduces you to four calming breathing exercises based on the ancient pranayama yoga practice of controlling your breath and can help reduce stress and anxiety.

How Breathing Exercises Can Calm You Down

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