Are stress and anxiety an integral part of your life which never seems to leave behind? What do you do to fight it out? Practice guided meditation. In guided meditation practice, the instructor tells you to relax specific muscles of your body that support breathing, until they are comfortable. This helps you to relax and have visualizations of calmness, a healing light, and serenity that takes away your mistakes and problems. It depends upon the severity of the mental state and anxiety level you are in.

This practice can be practiced for a few minutes or even pursued for longer hours, depending on the healing you need. In this 15-minute video by Lavendaire, learn to relax and release tension from your mind and body. Very useful for beginners and also others dealing with anxiety, use this meditation to feel gratitude, positive energy, happiness, and peace. Since this meditation mechanism includes gentle neck stretches, full body relaxation, positive affirmations, and visualization, it helps to calm the racing mind and control irregular breathing.

Meditation Guide to Resolve Anxiety and Stress

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