Fight Covid-19 with the Best Breathing Exercises

The most effective breathing exercises can alleviate shortness of breath associated with Covid-19, especially when complemented with physiotherapy. In this video, Michelle Kenway, a renowned physiotherapist, provides guidance on performing proper deep breathing exercises and adopting optimal breathing positions while lying in bed, sitting, and standing.

Michelle imparts valuable information, although it should be noted that her advice is not medical or clinical in nature; it is primarily intended for individuals with specific conditions. She strongly advises seeking immediate medical assistance if your breathing deteriorates suddenly within an hour or if your oxygen saturation levels drop below 92%.

These effective breathing exercises for Covid-19 can significantly boost oxygen levels in the bloodstream. Here are the recommended breathing positions:

  1. Elevate the head of your bed using a wedge, riser, or bricks to raise your upper body by 30-60 degrees.
  2. Sit upright on a chair to optimize your breathing.

For comprehensive guidance on the best breathing exercises, methods, techniques, and positions to maintain proper breathing while dealing with Covid-19 or related respiratory issues, please watch the video on YouTube. Michelle Kenway provides valuable insights to help you breathe comfortably and effectively during these challenging times.

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