The best breathing exercises can help to relieve shortness of breath related to Covid-19 through physiotherapy. In this video, Michelle Kenway, a leading physiotherapist, teaches the correct deep breathing exercises and best breathing positions lying in bed, sitting, and standing.

Michelle shares information not medical or clinical advice but primarily for people with certain conditions. She advises immediate medical assistance if your breathing suddenly worsens within an hour or if your oxygen saturation levels drop below 92%.

The best breathing exercises for Covid-19 can help to increase the oxygen levels in the bloodstream. The best breathing positions are:

  • Raise the bed on a wedge, rise, or brick to raise the upper body 30-60 degrees.
  • Sit upright on a chair to improve your breathing.

Check the video on YouTube and learn the best breathing exercises, methods, techniques, and positions to breathe right while battling Covid-19 or any related breathing-related problems.

Fight Covid-19 with the Best Breathing Exercises

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