Lungs play a crucial role in our body as it pumps air into our heart which circulates oxygen to other vital body parts. Implement proper breathing exercises to strengthen your lungs and be healthy. Like aerobics and dancing improves your heart functions, some breathing exercise make your lungs more efficient and robust.

Deep breathing exercises help to increase lung capacity as it clear mucus from the lungs, allowing more air and oxygen to circulate. Perform a simple exercise to find the result at home – breathe deeply five to ten times and then cough a couple of times vigorously and repeat this exercise for 5 minutes.

You will see that your lungs can now fill in more air. In this video by the Motivationaldoc channel, Dr. Mandell brings you a quick and easy exercise to improve your breathing habits through belly breathing. This excellent exercise can help strengthen your lung capacity. Practice these simple breathing exercises to help your lungs, release stress, and be healthy.

Can Breathing Exercises Help Your Lungs?

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