Stress, anxiety, difficult sleep, focus, and attention issues are some problems that all of us deal with. Box breathing is a relaxation technique to combat all these problems and maximize relaxation. US Navy SEALS have implemented box breathing, also known as square breathing, to improve concentrations in highly critical situations and to stay calm. This slow and stable breathing method calms the heart rate and blood pressure, helping in better attention and focus.

Box breathing is a relaxation technique that combines guided visualizations with breathing exercises. As the name suggests, this method involves visualizing a four-sided box to remind the person to practice the pattern and length of each inhaled breath. This lowers blood pressure and almost immediately lets calmness come, stimulating the parasympathetic system. With slow and more prolonged breath that is practiced in this technique, it allows carbon dioxide build-up in our bloodstream, which enhances the performance of the cardio-inhibitory response system.

Learn the various step and benefits of box breathing in this video by Sunnybrook Hospital.

Calm Your Stress and Relax More with Box Breathing

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