Suppose you are suffering from lung problems, asthma, a pulmonary disorder, or any breathing-related problems related to the lungs, including post-Covid recovery. In that case, implementing some form of breathwork practice is a must in your daily routine to improve your lung functions and healing of diseases.

What is Breathwork?

Well-breathwork refers to breathing techniques or exercises that require breath control to improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Breathwork techniques help to control the nervous system and acute stress response and fight health problems associated with chronic stress. Many forms of breathwork practices help in bettering bodily functions and performance capacity.

Post Covid, many of us have been facing lungs related problems ranging from difficulty breathing to severe issues like pulmonary diseases. If you have recovered from Covid-19 or want to strengthen your lung function, try these simple and easy breathwork techniques to improve lung function, as demonstrated in this video shared and uploaded by Yogalates With Rashmi, a YouTube channel.

Breathwork Techniques to Improve Lung Function

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