Covid-19 took the world by storm and wreaked havoc in all spheres of life for two years, and its strain continues. Most of us have been affected by some disease strain, which has left us with some problems. Some also suffer from long Covid syndromes that have affected their lungs severely, whereas some have issues related to their immunity, heart, and breath. The functioning of the lung is crucial to breathing as a weak lung cannot intake the required air, leading to oxygen deficiency and carbon dioxide increase, which results in significant health problems.

Breathing in through your nose with your stomach pulled in and slowly exhaling the breath through your nose can improve lung capacity. This breathing exercises needs to be repeated at least for a minute, however many times one may want to practice it. Besides this, many other home breathing techniques to increase lung capacity, movement, and function are significantly affected by Covid.

In this video by The Art of Living, learn some home breathing exercises, methods, and techniques like Sudarshan Kriya for better functioning of the lung.

Breathing Exercises to Increase Lung Capacity Affected by Covid-19

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