The pandemic is over, but not yet, as COVID-19 keeps coming back in some strain of virus or the other. With it comes breathlessness and low oxygen saturation, the most common symptoms affecting an individual’s lung capacity. Breath wellness technique for COVID-19 recovery. The breathing exercises can be practiced at home at any time and easily incorporated into your daily routine.

The benefits of these exercises are to help restore the diaphragm function and increase lung capacity, ease breathlessness, and reduce anxiety and stress, which improves your sleep quality, which is common in an individual who has experienced severe Covid symptoms or was admitted to a hospital.

Jennifer Taylor, from the District’s Institute of Musculoskeletal Health, has created a series of simple breathing practices and yoga postures that may help with stress relief and emotional regulation. Jennifer, a neuroscientist from the Brain and Mind Centre at the University of Sydney, demonstrates a breath wellness technique for covid-19 recovery that can be practiced anywhere in the below video, uploaded by the SydneyLHD channel on YouTube.

Breath Wellness Technique for Covid-19 Recovery

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