Breath Wellness Technique for Covid-19 Recovery

While the pandemic appears to have ended, COVID-19 continues to reemerge in various strains, often accompanied by symptoms such as breathlessness and low oxygen saturation. These are among the most common issues affecting an individual’s lung capacity. Fortunately, there are breath wellness techniques designed to aid in COVID-19 recovery. These breathing exercises can be easily practiced at home and seamlessly integrated into your daily routine.

The benefits of these exercises include restoring diaphragm function, increasing lung capacity, alleviating breathlessness, and reducing anxiety and stress. This improvement in overall well-being can lead to better sleep quality, which is particularly valuable for individuals who have experienced severe COVID symptoms or have been hospitalized.

Jennifer Taylor, a neuroscientist affiliated with the Brain and Mind Centre at the University of Sydney, has developed a series of simple breathing practices and yoga postures that may aid in stress relief and emotional regulation during COVID-19 recovery. In the video below, uploaded by the SydneyLHD channel on YouTube, Jennifer demonstrates a breath wellness technique that can be practiced anywhere.


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