Breathing has several benefits, proven through studies, research, and news. As you breathe deeply, energy levels are increased, allowing fresh oxygen to be adequately distributed in your bloodstream and body parts. Deep breathing exercises also prevent lung infections and other breath-supporting tissues.

Breath is a powerful force that impacts your quality of life as it plays a vital role in all your conscious and unconscious activities. How your breath impacts how you think, feel, and fight against diseases, your movement and posture, which implicates your energy, is also affected by breath. Practicing breathwork to boost your energy is a healthy option over caffeine or energy bars and drinks.

If you have 5 minutes to spare in a day to energize yourself, then this video might help you. Here are some energy-boosting breathwork practices in just 5 minutes. A practical guide to breathwork techniques and methods to uplift your natural energy.

A Practical Guide to Breathwork by David Palmen

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