Focusing on breathing can amplify mindfulness and enhance the clarity of your mind. All it takes is just 10 minutes of your everyday time. With so many things happening around us every day, it is difficult for us to be alert and attentive about every task or responsibility we take up. Sometimes also stress and anxiety are at such a level that one’s mind is not clear and one cannot focus on things. Take 10 minutes out of your daily routine and implement guided meditation practice in your life.

Mindful breathing is a very a fundamental yet dominant meditation practice to attain mindfulness and clarity. The idea is to just focus and pay attention to your breathing, its natural rhythm, flow, pattern, and how you feel in each inhale and exhale.

Learn 10 minutes of guided meditation breathing practices from this video by the Great Meditation channel.

Attain Peace of Mind with this 10-Minute Guided Meditation Practice

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