How Does Diaphragmatic Breathing Affect Attention and Stress in Adults

December 13, 2022

Diaphragmatic breathing, also known as deep breathing, has a direct connection with our body and mind, which affects and also benefits how we deal with stress and psychosomatic conditions. Ancient Eastern religious practices and meditation reveal how deep breathing benefits our overall wellness, whether it be through yoga, tai chi or any other deep breathing techniques. Understanding the importance of this particular practice contributes to betterment of emotional balance, body movements and positions. 

Certain psychological studies reveal that breathing practices can be an effective way of non-clinical intervention that contributes to reducing anxiety, depression and stress amongst adults. Studies and researches indicate that even a single breathing practice can reduce your blood pressure and keep your heart rate normal. Huge number of pathological studies show breathing practices is a non-clinical approach to control your feelings and emotional state like mindfulness which indicates alertness and orientation. A journal from PubMed Central from NIH reveals how cognitive and emotional improvement can be done together through mental training, to enhance attention span, fatigue and anxiety reduction in healthy adults.

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