sleep disordered child

The Impact of Sleep Disordered Breathing Amongst Children

December 13, 2022

Sleep is essential for everyone, especially in earlier days for a healthy childhood. Sleep disordered breathing disrupts that causing many health and behavioral issues. Though the complete effect of SDB is not appreciated by most doctors, evidence shows that chronic obstructive sleep apnea leads to many problems like hypertension, cardiovascular problems, neural and psychological problems, metabolic disruption and also developmental issues.

With the increase and evolution of sleep research in the past few decades, it has become very crucial to know how sleep is healthy, especially in childhood and formative years. The American Academy of Paediatrics records that 1.2% – 5.7% of children are affected by sleep disruption from obstructive sleep apnea, who are at risk of succumbing to a wide range of health problems arising from SDB, obesity being the most common issue. SDB causes major psychological stress for families and the children, besides its effect on the body and mind and pathological clinics should find an effective way to screen them for the well-being of their patients.

Kevin Gipson, Mengdi Lu, and T. Bernard Kinane, clears what is sleep disordered breathing and how it impacts children in this research article published in PubMed Central of NIH.

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