Athletic Endurance and Respiratory Disorders – The Connection

December 13, 2022

Studies and records from many years ago report isolated cases of sports professionals facing respiratory problems during their performance or regular exercise. Research published in the 1980s indicates specific medical problems during endurance training. A debate of the last 3 decades amongst the medical and sports fraternity is on the capability of the respiratory system amongst healthy people. Especially with recent incidents of world renowned sports personalities having cardiac arrest during their gym sessions, who are supposedly healthy.

There are many causes of pulmonary problems or respiratory disorders depending on the capacity of the lungs to endure strong physical training. Being one of the top causes of deaths amongst top level endurance athletes and a big reason impacting their performance, it is to very important to know of respiratory disorders and their deep connection with athletic performance. Pathological symptoms like bronchospasm, edema and even asthmatic attack during rigorous training sessions are signals of respiratory disorder. Let’s find out from this NIH article by Maurizio Bussotti, Silvia Di Marco, and Giovanni Marchese how much do athletes really have to endure and its connection with respiratory system.

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