Relieve Your Stress, Calm Your Mind and Live a Better Life by Breath Exercises

December 23, 2022

Stress and being burnt out is a common problem faced by all at some point of time. We spend much of our lives in a state of half-anxiety, neither fully relaxed nor stimulated. How do you prevent or reduce that? There is a natural way through which we can re-establish our inner calm and regain control over our anxiety with simple breathing exercises. Since, stress and breathing not only have a deep intimate connection with each other but they influence each other too. Practicing some breathing exercises may help to have better control over our lives, regulating the autonomic nervous system which connects all vital organs of our body.

Nasal Breathing draws more oxygen from the air around us that mouth breathing does not, improving sleep, reducing distress of the body and mind, increasing attention and being more objectively rational over emotions. This article below, from explores the interaction between stress and breathing and introduces techniques for using our breath to get a control over our lives.

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