Respiratory Breathing

Choosing PowerLung Breath Training Device for Better Resistance

December 23, 2022

Respiratory muscle strength is the main reason why your breathing is not powerful enough to tolerate the body’s needs during any physical exertion. In fact, some medical conditions are caused by respiratory muscle weakness causing sleep problems and dyspnea. Citing the relation between respiratory muscle strength and pulmonary function, PowerLung, a respiratory muscle training device, shows how it trains all muscles that are involved in breathing. The device also allows for customized training for all kinds of users and their different training goals.

Models of PowerLung offer separate dials for separate issues like inspiratory or expiratory with customized training programs. Along with this each model of the device except the sport can easily be modified as per changes in the resistance cell, allowing ones using the device to increase or decrease the resistance based on the users’ resistance capabilities. This device also sets goals and milestones for the user to reach as the ability to resist increases and provides complete control of resistance level, with several units designed for specific use. Find out more from this blog.

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