Overusing or Underusing of Asthma Inhalers is a Common Problem

December 26, 2022

Twenty-five million people in the United States alone suffer from asthma and half of this population either overuse or underuse the rescue inhalers. Research shows people suffering from asthma do not know the correct usage of asthma inhalers and they need to be educated about it. There are several effects of incorrect inhaler usage – overusing leads to complicated health problems and underusing often causes severe attacks. Dr. David Erstein, an allergist and immunologist from Advanced Dermatology PC in New York conducted a study that revealed that most people are unaware of their breathing till they develop symptoms and the ones with asthma use their inhalers as a rescue tool rather than a preventative one.

A survey conducted in the United States revealed fifteen percent of the asthma population used more than one inhaler in a month and about sixty percent used them as daily control measures but still had to resort to quick-relief inhalers. Asthma is a common but chronic, recurrent problem with various symptoms like bronchial spasms, inflammation of the lungs, and hyperactivity, people have very poor knowledge about it. They do not understand that control over asthma through certain breathing practices and correct usage of asthma inhalers could aid them in having a better life, more attendance in workplaces or educational institutes, limited hospitalization, fewer emergency doctor visits, and less oral steroid usage.

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