Can Blood Tests Detect Lung Cancer? Find Out

December 26, 2022

Lung cancer is the second most common cancer which affects people leading to high mortality rate. The big reason being people often do not realize it, till it’s too late and has spread out. Early diagnosis is the single most important thing to do to avoid fatalities of lung cancer. Though there are screening methods like scan imaging, that is usually implemented on people with high risk of the disease. The good news is scientists and researchers are working on the development of various blood tests that can be used as a diagnostic tool to detect lung cancer.

Though there is no final result as of yet of blood tests to detect lung cancer and is not used anywhere, tests have shown that this method is less invasive and speeds up the process of early diagnosis. In addition, this result shows that blood tests can reveal the type or early detection of lung cancer, its predictive treatment and the long term outlook. A Healthline article published discusses this method at length.

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