Better Breathing When Running

How to Get Better Breathing for Better Running Performance

December 27, 2022

Breath awareness and control makes a big difference in our life, especially for people who are into yoga, exercise, running, and health awareness. If you have found yourself gasping for breathing, panting, and clutching your chest after a few km run or during a mountain climb, maybe it’s time you concentrated on your breath control and knows what is causing the problems. Thus learn how to get better breathing for better running performance, especially if you are an athlete who is into running and marathons.

Running requires more pumping of oxygen into blood cells and body parts as we require to breathe deeper and harder than normal circumstances. Most people who run have a certain technique of breathing they practice to improve their performance but studies show nasal breathing is the prime exercise to follow. Practicing breathwork and breath retention is also another way to enhance your endurance. Breath holds, taking full breaths, breath of fire are also some other forms of breath practices that can be implemented as a technique for runners for specific purposes.

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