Running breathing

Boost Your Running Performance by Breath Practices

December 21, 2022

Want to make your morning runs and waking up at early hours better? If you are a beginner ro the world of running and exercise, you may not know the correct way to breathe to boost your performance. There will be a sudden increase in your heart rate and breathing pattern, if you run harder from the moment you start. At times this change of breath pattern and fast heart rate can cause panic situations. The harder one runs, the more out of breath they become as your respiratory system is used to certain breathing patterns. Thus, relax as much as possible which might be difficult while running, but can certainly help you to regulate your breath.

Fast paced running leads to oxygen debt, as you huff, making it difficult for the lungs to draw more oxygen and it when we start breathing from the mouth. Nasal breathing can be used to control this as it draws more oxygen to the respiratory system and decreases carbon dioxide. Here are a few key breathing pieces of advice from, that you can practice while running, to get your breath regulated, under controlled and boost your overall performance. Also with inputs from Colorado State University.

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