Square Breathing Technique and Exercise

How Does Square Breathing Work and Influences Mindfulness

December 27, 2022

The concept of breathing practices for wellness of the mind and body has been practiced for ages, however the significance of it has come into the limelight with so much distress we are living with, especially in the last three years. People are more inclined towards mental healing, as they realize its impact on the body. This is where yoga and wellness therapists step in. But people need to understand and be aware of their breathing first, before getting into any kind of practice or exercise. Square breathing is known to have major benefits on mindfulness.

How Does Square Breathing Work?

Square breathing uses a visual mindful component along with breath control which is relaxing and meditative due to the visual tracing by the mind. It is easy and quick to learn and has its efficacy which is majorly appreciated by users of this practice. Square breathing is an technique and exercise that can be used indefinitely even with scientific advancement. This method also addresses the nervous system in a smart way that requires a focus approach to reduce stress and deal better with anxiety.

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