Deep Breathing

What are the Health Benefits of Deep Breathing

December 22, 2022

If you look around you will notice that there is a frenzy to be fit and healthy, especially post pandemic. It seems suddenly everyone has become health conscious around us. Some are focusing on areas that can be tracked and quantified like heart rate, calories burnt, hours of sleep etc. by adapting technology and devices. What is difficult to measure is stress, which is a major component of being healthy. Chronic stress leads to cardiac illness, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and even diabetes as per studies published from the National Institute of Mental Health.

Stress management is not an easy exercise, however research shows that deep breathing is an effective methodology to manage and control it, improving chronic health problems. Breathing exercises like deep breathing is a complementary therapy and not an alternative one as it does not replace medical intervention, if recommended by any doctor. Learn more how deep breathing can be utilized as a complementary therapy to your current medical practices and routines.

Dr. Baxter Bell shares how breath exercises don’t have side effects and can be accessed any time of day. Learn how breath is an empowering tool to help reduce stress and improve focus from this article by Becky Upham in

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