Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Practice Conscious Breathing to Combat Stress and Anxiety

December 23, 2022

The most important of all our biological processes – breathing is not given any importance. An unconscious exercise which can be controlled for betterment of your body and state of mind. Conscious breathing is a self-healing technique that can help you attain a sense of calm and presence. Also, it helps you engage more deeply with life. Experts from NIH states in an article that we take about 28,800 breaths per day, most of which is unconscious. However, there are practices that can help you to control your breath, generating more awareness about the body, state of the mind and the moment one is in. Conscious breathing is one of them.

Described as an act of awareness generation about our breath as we inhale and exhale, conscious breathing is a practice to be calm and focused to connect deeply with life. This type of breathing also helps to maneuver unwanted thoughts, emotions and experiences of stressful daily life, aiding in response with more intent, concentration and objectivity. Spiritually speaking conscious breathing creates a deeper connection between your body, mind and the world you are living in, especially the immediate one. The Healthline article in the link helps to acquire more understanding about the advantages of conscious breathing and discover a few techniques for trying it yourself, based on your problems and symptoms.

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