women Nasal Breathing

Breathing Through Nose During Exercise

December 23, 2022

A known name in the field of natural health, Ayurveda, and sports medicine, Dr. John Douillard holds a Ph.D.’ in Ayurvedic medicine from the Open International University. He talks about the effectiveness of nasal breathing to improve sports endurance training and everyday exercise routine for both professionals and general people with health awareness. Our breath governs our state of being, especially nasal breathing as it reaches the relaxation nerve points, assisting the lungs to breathe better.

As per research from Dr. Douillard’s book breath exercises can lead to a meditative state consistent with brain wave patterns. The video interview below titled ‘Life with breath experts Dr. John Douillard’, discusses how nasal breathing ensures optimal health and exercise performance, with other aspects on the science of breath. It also provides an insight on how to exercise using appropriate breathing methods to turn a daily fitness routine into an energetic and happy experience.

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