Breath Controls Your Mood

Control Your Mood and Attention by Simple Breath Control

December 20, 2022

Our breath regulates our mood, attention span, brain activity and brain process and networks. Paced breathing is neural networks beyond brainstem which regulates emotion, attention and body awareness. It is conscious inhaling and exhaling exercises in a set rhythm. For many years findings show that the brain is responsible for our breathing, but it is not exactly that, breath controls many neural and brain activity.

Studies show that the activity in the region of the amygdala of the brain indicates a person’s breathing rate that triggers anxiety, panic attack, anger or fear. When you slow your breathing down the subsequent reactions slows down too,

Various types of breathing be it rapid, intentional, and attentional activates brain triggers like thinking, feeling and behavior. Thus certain breathing practices could be used as a tool to help people to manage their thoughts, moods, and experiences. publishes this new research that explores the relationship between the way you breathe, and the brain processes and networks affecting our mood, attention, and body awareness.

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