Breath Biometrics Can Reveals Your Identity

December 26, 2022

Fingerprints, iris, facial scans, and voice have been used as biometric tools for authentication and identification for many years now, but technology has moved far beyond that. Breath biometrics is the new security tool that will be used to detect the identity of people. Researchers from Kyushu University’s Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering in collaboration with Tokyo University have been working on using breath and smell sensors as a possible device to identify individuals through breath biometrics and analysis.

In a world of technology and information evolution biometric authentication is a very important tool to safeguard valuables and assets. Current biometric methods and tools of usage are not full proof as the physical uniqueness of individuals used for identification, can be copied or damaged in sudden accidents. Breath is a unique feature of every individual and that is hard to tamper with. Body scents are produced from certain chemical compounds which confirms an individual’s identity. More research is being conducted on this as tests done showed 97.8 percent accuracy with both small and large group testing. Techexplores tells you more.

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