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Are You Aware that Your Breathing Can Detect Anxiety and Stress?

December 21, 2022

You might have often heard or been asked by many to take a breath or two or breathe and even take deep breaths. Have you observed these times when you are in panic, shock, anxiety, and distressful situation? Our breathing can detect our mental state. Did you know that? Even though many are skeptical to breathe better as they are unaware or ignorant about their breathing, here is an opportunity to learn how to tackle your mental and psychological state by breathing better,

In the book Breath, famous journalist James Nestor states humans have become bad at the basic act of living since we breathe through our mouths very rapidly. He also mentions that workers who multitask at the office breathe irregularly and even hold their breaths for some time while glued to their laptops, which is the reality. This contributes to anxiety and other mental health problems. The rate and depth of how we breathe are big determinants of our mental and emotional state. Researchers are discovering that breathing which we all do unconsciously is the key to finding calm, peace, and handling our psychological issues better and at home through certain breathing practices. Let’s see what Greater Good Magazine by Berkeley Education has to say about this.

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