All It Takes is Five Deep Breaths to Relieve Stress

December 23, 2022

We are stressed out. And that’s the truth of everybody – whether it be work, daily chores, people interaction and even the environment we live in. Any kind of distress rattles both the body and mind, leaving us frazzled and hassled, which causes low grade damaging effects to our body and brain. Chronic stress exhausts you physically if you pay attention to it. Your body and breathing changes whenever one is distressed. This increases the risk of health conditions like asthma, cardiac attack, stroke, high blood sugar and pressure. More so it damages the capacity of the overall immune system. Not only physiologically, chronic stress influences mental health issues and disorders of many kinds.

So how does one combat physical burn out and find mental calmness and better relaxation? Breathing practices is the solution. We often hear people asking us to take deep breaths in panic and anxiety situations. That is where the answer is taking a deep breath and just five can change how you feel immediately during distress. Stress pioneers like Herbert Benson adhere to and believe in its efficacy. So all you need to do is take a five-minute break to know the powerful impact of this exercise. No sooner do you realize that the immune and digestive system is better, blood pressure is lower, attention span has increased, sleeping better and so on. Find out what Meg Sellg has to say about the practices on

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