All It Takes is Five Deep Breaths to Relieve Stress

September 20, 2023

We all experience stress. Whether it’s due to work, daily tasks, interactions with others, or our environment, stress is a universal truth. This constant strain affects both our body and mind, leading to subtle yet harmful impacts on our health. Chronic stress, if not addressed, can wear you down physically. When under stress, changes in your body and breathing patterns become evident. This heightened state increases the risk of health issues such as asthma, heart attacks, strokes, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure. Furthermore, it weakens the overall immune system. Beyond the physical repercussions, chronic stress can also contribute to various mental health challenges.

So, how can we counteract this physical exhaustion and achieve mental tranquility? The answer lies in breathing practices. We’ve all heard the advice to take deep breaths during moments of panic or anxiety. Indeed, taking just five deep breaths can alter your emotional state during stressful times. Experts in stress management, like Herbert Benson, vouch for the effectiveness of this simple technique. By dedicating just five minutes to focused breathing, you’ll soon notice improvements: a stronger immune and digestive system, reduced blood pressure, enhanced attention span, better sleep quality, and more. For further insights on the benefits of breathing exercises, check out what Meg Selig discusses on

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