Your Lungs, Breath, and 10 Minutes is All You Need to De-Stress and Relax

December 23, 2022

Take 10 minutes of breathing exercises out of your daily schedule and attain zen to de-stress and relax. It has been proven that controlled breathing has several health benefits and can also help us de-stress and relax. Though the effect of breathing exercises on anxiety has not been tested clinically, experts and yogis firmly believe breathing exercises increase mindfulness and awareness. Controlled breathing not only helps to calm the body and mind, but it also helps in controlling blood pressure, diabetes, and pulmonary diseases, besides helping us to deal with stressful situations better.

Work, stress, our daily frustrations, and problems will exist as long as we live, along with our breath so effective control over it in our daily lives is very important. Adopting these breathing exercises and practices takes 10 minutes from your regular schedule, whether at home, workplace, or anywhere else. Find out 6 breathing exercises from this article on that can help you relax from breathing expert Dr. Alison McConnell, yoga instructor Rebecca Pacheco and psychologist Dr. Ellen Langer.

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