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The Official Lamaze Guide

 Author: Judith Lothian  Category: Family and Relationship  Publisher: Da Capo Press  Published: October 1, 2005  ISBN: 0684031744  Pages: 307  Language: English  Amazon Kindle  Barnes & Noble

Lamaze International has been around for a long time. Ten years ago, they commissioned two authors to create their official book. Judith Lothian and Charlotte DeVries stepped up to the plate. They were selected for this honor because of their history with Lamaze, expertise in normal birth, and ability to communicate the message of expected delivery to families. With support from Lamaze, they worked long and hard to find a publisher willing to produce a book that was so different from others in their field.

The Lamaze Guide offers an empowering description of pregnancy and birth as a family event rather than a pathological one, as many believe today. Lothian and DeVries produced the book on behalf of Lamaze International so that educators will have tools to instruct women and families in normal birth and ensure that women–regardless of whether they attend childbirth classes–can make wise decisions.

Read the Official Lamaze Guide for giving birth with confidence.

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