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8 Week Depression Relief Workbook

- Evidence-Based Strategies to Manage Your Symptoms
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 Author: Cynthia V Catchings  Category: Health and Fitness  Publisher: Rockridge Press  Published: September 20, 2022  ISBN: 1638781583  Country: US  Language: English  Buy Now  Amazon Kindle  Barnes & Noble

Depression is the ruling mental health problem dominating the human race. In the last decade, depression has been proven to be a critical problem for our overall well-being, leave alone mental. Mental health awareness related to depression is the most spoken thing about now, be it from celebrities of every field, doctors, psychological health experts, wellness experts, and even our friends and family. But what do we do to deal with depression before it creates havoc? Practice meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises, indulge in physical activities, and even get into various programs ranging from a few weeks to months, depending on the intensity of the depression one is in. Though it may seem unnerving to overcome depression, with the right tools, guidance, and exercises, one may start to heal in a few weeks.

The 8 Week Depression Relief Workbook,’ by Cynthia V Catchings, offers evidence-based strategies to help you lessen your depression symptoms, embrace new ways of thinking, feel happier, and take positive and practical steps toward well-being. Through this book, one can empower and get a deeper understanding of what depression is, track the progress of the eight-week-long problem, and discover practical coping strategies to live with easily. Reviewers say this book is a handy and practical guide for anyone experiencing depression as it is full of interactive exercises and different approaches based on various evidence-based therapies (EBT). There is step-by-step guidance through each module, which is very helpful to someone experiencing depressive symptoms that leave them feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated.

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