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Meditation Apps For Breathing Training and Techniques to Build Endurance and Fight Stress

March 22, 2022

Focus. Breathe in. Hold. Now, slowly breathe out. Open your eyes.

Notice the difference? Feeling better?

This is because momentary stress makes body muscles tense and you start taking shallow breaths without realizing. Shallow breathing may also lower oxygen levels in the blood, causing the brain to perceive it as stress and the cycle continues.

This is specially the case with those working long hours and leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Why Meditation and Breathing Apps?

Deep breathing helps fix that. It not only helps your body reduce tension but it also helps your mind focus and centre itself in the present moment, thus grounding you. But such is our lifestyle that we need a reminder to… just breathe.

Meditation and breathing apps do more than just that! They not only offer a good alternative to combat stress and anxiety; most come with daily reminders, calming sounds, guided lessons with techniques for those who don’t practice just yoga.

Some apps go further and offer exercise routines focussed on personalised training that builds endurance as well.

So here are some noteworthy apps with an emphasis on meditation, mindfulness and endurance exercises:

Breath-app chart

1. Breathwrk

Recommended for Focus, Stamina, Sleeping/Insomnia, Stress and Anxiety, Lung Capacity

Cost: Free for basic features, In-app purchases

Features: Recommended Exercises, Training Log, Reminders, Timers, Breathing Coaches, Classes


The Breathwrk app has breathing techniques, exercises and classes, which are used by psychotherapists, yogis, sleep doctors, Olympic athletes, navy seals, neuroscientists and such.

The app offers science-backed breathing methods to increase lung capacity and stamina as well as diverse traditional practices including box breathing, pranayama, tummo and more.

The Breathwrk app provides customizable sounds, haptics, visuals, breathing coaches and its own recommended programmes.

But with the principle of breathing at its centre, the app aims to benefit your nervous system that controls your mental and physical health. So, it can be used for something as basic as falling asleep or as specific as regulating stress levels before an important exam or meeting to calm anxiety.

Other features include timers, training levels, tracking logs and setting reminders. It also offers other exercises such as Craving Curber, Unwind, Energize, Pain Relief and more.

Some features may be included in the in-app purchases.

Download Breathwrk




2. Wim Hof Method

Recommended for Meditation, Cold Shower Therapy, Fitness, Endurance 

Cost: Free for basic features, In-app purchases

Features: Fitness Challenges, Breathing Exercises, Endurance Training, Timer, Classes  

Wim Hof Method

This eponymous app by Wim Hof, also known as The Iceman, is a training app offering exercises focused on physical fitness and breathing techniques.

The Wim Hof Method app includes instructional videos, teaching the 3 pillars of the Wim Hof Method, including a training exercise series to develop consistency and build daily practice.

There is also the famed 20-day cold shower challenge by the Iceman as well as push-ups and yoga poses.

Other features include timer, training log, podcast, guided breathing sessions and an E-learning PDF document on the scientific theory explaining the biochemical processes of the Wim Hof Method.

Some features may be part of the premium subscription.

Download Wim Hof Method




3. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Recommended for Meditation, Mindfulness, Stretching, Anxiety, Sleep. Focus

Cost: Free for basic features, $69.99 annually, lifetime membership ($399.99)

Features: Guided meditations, Sleep stories, Nature Sounds, Mindfulness programs and Masterclasses

Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

With a strong focus on improving sleep quality and concentration and reducing stress or anxiety, the Calm app is aimed at self-improvement and mindfulness. 

The app has hundreds of breathing programs, guided meditations, stretching exercises, calming nature sounds and soothing sleep stories, designed especially for relaxation and rest.

The premium feature of the app includes a Masterclass programme wherein world-renowned experts teach a series of lessons on mindfulness in everyday life.

Download Calm




4. Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Recommended for Meditation, Mindfulness, Sleep, Focus, Stress and Anxiety, Workouts

Cost: Free for basic features, subscription options: $12.99 per month, $69.99 per year

Features: Guided Meditations, Sleep sounds, Calming Stories, Coping Meditations, Focus-Enhancing Activities, Progress Tracker, Fitness and Health Courses

Headspace banner app

The Headspace app offers guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, sleeping sounds, calming stories and a wake-up series. The app also has a progress tracker which you can share with others.

Moreover, it provides coping meditations such as “SOS” sessions for instances of panic, anxiety, stress, food cravings or pain management.

The app also outlines exercises for improving focus and concentration to build productivity with focus-enhancing music and meditation. 

With its move mode, users get access to sports meditation and fitness courses and they can also train with experts in the field.

Some features in the app may be paid for.

Download Headspace




5. Prana Breath: Calm & Meditate

Recommended for Meditation, Mindfulness, Focus, Sleep, Endurance/Lung Capacity, Stress and Anxiety

Cost: Free for basic features, In-app purchases

Features: Training sessions/Log, Timer, Reminders, Health tests, Breathing Techniques with Chants/Sounds

Prana-Breath app

Combining the ancient traditions of Prayanama, Sufi, Tibeten practices with modern science, Prana Breath offers over 50 breathing training exercises such as Buteyko, Kapalbathi, Anulom Vilom, Udgeeth, Nadi Shodhana, Tummo/Inner fire and 4-7-8 breathing among others.

It also has vocal and breath hold time exercises focussing on singers and divers respectively. 

Additionally, it offers “Anti Appetite” training to fight emotional overeating and an exclusive “Cigarette replace” programme to quit smoking. Some app exercises are for training the diaphragm to fight acid reflux symptoms.

Other features include timer, training log, health tests and chants/sounds.    

The Prana Breath app training techniques are aimed at improving focus, memory, concentration, immunity and promoting healthy sleep.

Some features may need in-app purchases.

Download Prana Breath




Now that you have seen the objectives and basic features of these free breathing apps, you know what may in fact work for your lifestyle. Ultimately, your mind will be your saviour. And that must be nothing less than a priority in this post-pandemic world!

However, there is a word of caution. Breathing is a complex process but it is also an important indicator of how you are feeling. If you are having trouble breathing, consult your doctor immediately.


Breath Technologies – What’s New

Breathing is the very essence of our being. Hence, Breath Technologies is working on a universal app that integrates technology to combine videos, guided meditation, training and tracking in one place. Coming soon:


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